When creating a design, keep in mind that you are working with images (high resolutions data) and it may take a few seconds for the letter images to appear.  The best way to select an image/letter is to click and hold your left button for a second and then drag it to the picture frame below.

Coupon codes can be applied when reviewing your order and checking out.  Coupon discounts do not include shipping/handling.


PRICING - Flat Rate Shipping/Handling of $15.00 per framed print.  When ordering more than one framed print, we can ship two to a box so your cost is $15/box and not $15/print.

Framed Print pricing is based on the number of letters you add.


  • 3 Letters $45
  • 4 or 5 Letters $60
  • 6, 7, or 8 Letters $72
  • 9 Letters $80


Unique, Love Letters Wall Art is the perfect choice for gift giving that reflects a personalized theme. Our easy to use, "Create your own Word," format connects you instantly to a quirky, fun loving alphabet. You choose the letters to form your favorite word-art! Spell a name. Memorialize a favorite word. Go ahead and express yourself in words. Everyone is going to, "Love your Letters!"

Frame Description

Your Love Letters Wall Art will come framed in a bold, black satin finished, contemporary frame made from Bonanza Wood, an eco-friendly wood composite. The frame profile width is a substantial 1 3/8 inches wide. Frames are sized proportionately to fit the number of letters you choose.

Matte Description

All pictures are matted with white, acid-free matting to insure the longevity of your unique art-piece creation.

Size Specifications

Photo sizes will vary as follows:
3 letter words - each letter 8X10
4 and 5 letter words - each letter size 5X7
6, 7 and 8 letter words - 4X6
9 letter words - 3.5X5

*Finished Frame sizes:
3 letters - 9.5 X 18
4 letters - 9.5 X 22.5
5 and 6 letters - 9.5 X 27.5
7 letter - 9.5 X 31.5
8 letters - 9.5 X 35.5
9 letters - 9.5 X 36
*Images may vary slightly according to the chosen sizes.
Size are shown in inches.